Applied Cloud Computing for Executives

Executive Seminars are brief, focused and practical information programs on timely technical topics for senior technical managers and executives to understand and lead teams to master and implement solutions. 

“The number one overall reason inhibiting cloud computing adoption is lack of cloud computing training(2011 Cloud Computing Outlook).

The goal of Applied Cloud Computing for Executives seminar is to cover Cloud Computing from IT management's perspective. It covers current trends and technology in the Cloud Computing ecosystem separated from the hype cycle and marketing befuddlement.

Our goal is to enable executives and senior management to make the right choices, and avoid costly mistakes. Mastering the concepts and value of virtualization, IaaS, PaaS, SaaS, public cloud computing, private cloud computing, and hybrid clouds. Learn to harness cloud computing to build more flexible IT solutions, reduce costs, and provide more business value with massive scalability. 

Cloud computing is more than just a set of technologies. It is an ecosystems of technology, providers, ideas and new ways of thinking about IT. The power this technology brings substantially changes how you allocate resources. Resources that were static and hard to change are now virtual and malleable. This is a real game changer. It takes a combination of technology and training to adopt Cloud Computing effectively.