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Applied Cloud Computing for Executives

Cloud Computing for Executives seminar has one goal: put cloud computing to work for your company to reduce IT expense, and increase opportunities. 

Build more scalable, fault tolerant solutions with less maintenance nightmares.

Turn your IT expenses from being 70% focused on patch, support, maintain to being 90% focused on providing business value. Get real ROI from your IT investment. 

There is a lot of information out there. There is also a lot of disinformation. Hype and hyperbole rule the day when it comes to cloud computing. Cut through the hype cycle and vendor marketing befuddlement and put this technology to work to make your organization more agile. Your competitors are. 

"2014 Cloud Computing will account for 70% of corporate data processing" (IDC)

In 2010, IDC says cloud computing is just 5% of annual IT budgets, but by 2014 Cloud Computing will account for 70% of all corporate data processing transacted worldwide.

Cloud computing is more than just a tech fad. The power this technology brings substantially changes IT. Your whole IT infrastructure is dynamic and infinitely configurable and flexible. This is a major game changer. It is not just technology.The whole way you think about problem solving is different. 

IT departments and Internet startups need the proper training to adopt Cloud Computing effectively. This training starts with having senior management understanding the technology.

The number one overall reason inhibiting cloud computing adoption is lack of cloud computing training (43%)” -- Cloud Computing Outlook 2011

Yes the price of maintaining your IT infrastructure will go down. A far greater concern for you is the opportunity cost of not adopting cloud computing. Your organization is not able to respond effectively to rapid change. 

 "Public clouds are up to 80% cheaper than private data center" (“Economics of the Cloud” Rolf Harms Microsoft)

But it is more than just price. It is drastically changing the strategic inflection points. Cloud computing will change the way you organize your team. You need to understand more than just the economics of it. It is more than just the technology. It is a new way of thinking. Heard of DevOps?

Should you adopt public cloud, private cloud, or some hybrid?

Executive Seminars are brief, focused onsite classes on IT technical topics. The objective is to get your decision makers on the same page and avoid costly technology mistakes.

This seminar goes beyond just the tools and vendors, but tries to cover the whole ecosystem. Cloud computing and virtualization are real IT game changers. It really changes all of the rules. This course shows how to exploit it and how the whole IT mindset has to change to allow for more agility.

This seminar covers the following subjects:

  • Economics of Cloud Computing 
  • Cloud Computing Basics 
  • Virtualization Basics 
  • Cloud Orchestration/IaaS 
    • Amazon WS EC2 (IaaS/SOA) 
    • Cloud Orchestration 
    • Other IaaS players
  • Ecosystem 
  • DevOps vs Traditional IT 
  • Tools, Software, Clustering
  • PaaS
    • Microsoft Azure (PaaS)
    • Google App Engine (PaaS)
    • VMWare CloudFoundry 
    • Other PaaS players 
  • Private Cloud
    • Eucalyptus
    • XenServer (private cloud) 
    • vSphere (private cloud) 
    • CloudStack
  • Public Cloud
    • Amazon AWS (EC2, S3, et al), OpenStack, OpenNebula, CloudStack
  • Hybrid Cloud
    • RightScale, DIY, Scalr, RedHat CloudFront and more 
    • JCloud, LibCloud, DeltaCloud
    • Single pane of glass
  • Major players
  • Notable Hardware 
  • NoSQL, Distributed Caching, MapReduce and BigData 
  • Case Studies: Starbucks, Zynga, and more.

We cover various vendors and where they fit: Amazon, Oracle, IBM, HP, Citrix, VMWare, Cisco, RackSpace, and more.

You should leave the seminar with some clear cut ideas on how to apply the cloud computing model to your business to reduce costs and increase flexibility and scalability of your organization.

This seminar is onsite and is only available in the San Francisco, Silicon Valley, Los Angeles, and San Diego areas. The costs is $2,500 for a five hour course. Call (415) 484-8348 to book this seminar.

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